My name is Deon. I am the protagonist of the novel you’re about to read.

Once upon a time I lived in the same world as you, however, I was different.

After troublesome childhood, and years of not being understood by the societal norms I’d had enough.

The burning desire of wanting to know more forced me…or perhaps inspired to question everything; the world, the people, the sense of all of it, you, and even myself.

Too many questions, too little answers shadowed the most important value I had. The gift that I was born with.

My unique power reached a man called Daniel Pietrzak, the author of this book series. I left him no choice but to write about me so one day I could come back, and take you to the world I live in.

A world of infinite possibilities where illusion seems to be as real as a reality made of illusion.

You’ll figure it out yourself one day.