5 BIG Tips To Pursue Your Passion

1 Start being real about what you are, and what you desire.

Ask yourself how much you want it. I’m sure you have had times when you tried not to go with your heart desires, and instead perhaps someone managed to convince you that your passion is a crap idea or won’t bring you desired results such as money or carrier. Here is an important question you need to ask yourself. How did you feel when you were not doing what your inner voice was telling you to do? If you felt unfulfilled or you felt that you were missing on something, then the answer is simple. You must get back on track as soon as you can and begin pursuing your passion. Don’t listen to others telling you that they know what’s best for you. You yourself must know what’s best for you. When you begin pursuing your passion you may feel confused at times but don’t worry this happens to all of us and this is just an indication that you haven’t managed to truly convince yourself that you really want it. Within a short period of time while you are working on your passion on a daily or weekly basis the confusion will fade away and you will become more confident. 

2 Position your passion properly.

What is it you are passionate about and what vision do you have about yourself becoming one with your desire? Even when the thing you want to do has been done thousands of times by others you are a unique person having a unique idea on how to either improve something or just create it your own way. Give it your personal touch and don’t be afraid of what others will tell you. Usually, those who criticize the most have the least to offer.

3 Keep it for yourself.

If you are inspired by the crazy idea you have and decide to go for it, you should be aware that only a little amount of people will be there to support you. However, I can assure you that most of the people in your circle will either tell you how crazy you are or some of them may even put you down by a reason only known to them. Keep quiet and do what you have got to do in order to succeed. You don’t need to be disturbed especially when you are just beginning your journey towards pursuing your passion. The time to show off will come much later. There is no point telling the whole world about the insides of your project when you are not even leading it properly yet.

4 Play, fail and learn.

Beginnings are tough usually so when you haven’t made any serious commitments with yourself or others this is the best time to test your desire. Get your hands on it and play with it, see what’s working and what’s not. There are no good or wrong moves as everything is nothing else but experience. So-called failure is nothing else but a step closer to mastery. Practice, play, fail, learn and experience until you know if this is what you really want to do. During this period many ideas get buried as many people don’t like to fail and are not patient enough. This is the reason I recommend you to simply play with it without extremely high expectations. This way you will fail without getting pissed off and the chances that you will make it to the desired level are much higher.

5 Have distance to yourself.

When you begin to follow the path towards your passion there are great chances that other people will judge you based on whatever will come to their heads. When you hear words of discouragement from the crowd that means the crowd sees you as not ready yet. Here the point number 3 comes into the picture. What the hell are you doing in front of the crowd when you are not ready yet? Have mercy on yourself, make a bet with your best friend saying “I bet you I can manage to fail at least 100 times before I will make it through” When you pursue your passion and create the room to fail so many times, there is a big probability that you will actually become very good at whatever you desire before you meet your 100th failure. Scream back to the crowd I still have more room to fail! You are in charge of the number of chances given to you to make your passion BIG!