How to keep yourself motivated and get all you want.

First of all, you need to identify exactly what you want and make a picture of it in your mind. If you struggle to imagine your desire you need to practice creative visualization. I would suggest starting with this simple exercise;

Hold your hand in front of your face for 30 seconds, observe every single detail of it, your fingers, the shape of your palm, the colour etc..

Then close your eyes and try to recollect the image of your hand in your mind as much as you can. You can start moving your fingers and still while keeping your eyes closed visualize your hand moving fingers. You can repeat this exercise as often as you like. You can also practice it with any other object.

Once you have managed to “see” objects in your mind you can jump onto bigger tasks such as your dream or desire and practice imagining it until you have a clear picture in your mind of what you really want.


Create a habit which will require you to focus on your desire. Having a mental picture in your mind is definitely not enough. You have to create a new path which will bring you closer to what you want. A habit based on your aim will allow you to start experiencing more of what you focus on.

With this approach, you will open new opportunities for yourself and that will ensure you that your hard work will actually pay off.

Now going back to the habit you have to focus on the action you will take not the outcome. You must consciously shift your attention to here and now and take all the actions required in the present moment.

Remember, do not make the mistake and shift your entire focus on the outcome, the outcome does not exist yet. The only thing that exists is you here and now. The desired result will show up based on all the steps and actions you have taken and it will guarantee you lasting motivation to keep going.


To summarise:

Have a clear vision of what you really want. Ask yourself why you want it; is it even worth your time and your hard work?

What habit are you going to create in you in order to focus and take actions towards your goal? 

You need to be willing to learn in order to take the right actions rather than acting smart and creating unnecessary obstacles for yourself. You have to keep improving your skills and thriving in order to match the heights of your desire.

When you feel like you have lost motivation to keep on going then, the best thing you can do is actually; first, relax and I mean it, go out to nature and simply chill out in order to recharge your energy.

Second, go out and help somebody. Literally look around and do little act of encouragement for someone else. There is no better way to get the motivation for yourself in order to fulfill your desires than actually encouraging someone else to fulfill theirs.

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The best dreams happen when we are awake!