Mission Statement:

What do you do?

In my books, I follow a vivid vision of a parallel world(s) which appeared in my mind’s eye over three years ago. Before that time I’d never even thought of writing a book, however, those characters, places and their ways of living had become too intense for me to ignore, and not to give my attention to anymore.

They existed somewhere in between my imagination and a parallel reality, which perhaps exists now in another universe. I kept ignoring the “signs” until I’d received a direct and non-compromising “offer” that I have to write a book series which explains a totally different point of view about our world and us human beings living within it.

After having evaluated many pros and cons, and also for my own peace of mind I declared: “I will write a book about you, your worlds, and everything you want me to mention within it“!

Days later, as soon as I turned on my laptop I had hints from all sorts of websites suggesting how to write a novel.

The research had begun. English is my second language. So making a decision to write a book required me to have an enormous amount of knowledge and understanding of how to write a novel, but also write in a professional written English, which was very challenging.

Who do you do it for?

My aim is to express myself in creative writing and spread it in the form of my book series. My ideal reader would be a curious, perhaps emotional person who enjoys exploring fantasy, and unpredictable worlds. The “Illusion of Worlds” first book addresses darkish and at times painful life circumstances which my protagonist has to face, and learn from. One of my readers said that “reading the book was an emotional roller-coaster”, so I think this is an ideal novel for people who simply like a surprise factor within the story.

Why are you different?

“Illusion of Worlds” novel is made of an interesting blend of different modalities. Fantasy and adventure are the dominant genres; however, there is an influence of philosophical, and metaphysical nature. Deon, the protagonist begins to question sense, and reasons of certain events occurring in his life, hence the philosophical touch exists as part of the story.

The “Illusion of Worlds” book series is different because it contains situations, and topics about which people usually don’t talk over a meal or while meeting friends but I feel are important to give a thought at least while being alone. Certain ideas and opinions of my characters one may find a thought provoking, however, at the end of the day the entire story is a work of fiction.

Where are you going?

My story-writing adventure began as soon as I took the first course on writing fiction. At that time I knew that there will be a minimum of three books within the series; however, as the time goes by I keep getting more, and more exciting ideas for the plot. The vision is to give my best to tell the story to a wide audience in a fascinating way, and win people’s hearts so maybe one day on one fine afternoon I will receive an offer from a film production company to make a movie based on my novel.

How are you going to get there?

The process of getting there will not be an easy ride, however, since there is an exciting vision to create something really big, and to contribute to my fellow humans in a positive way it’s definitely worth the effort. For now my focus is to write and thrive. Every day for me is a chance to improve something, therefore I keep my mind open to all kinds of possibilities.

Daniel Pietrzak