The Magic of Gratitude

Gratitude is the secret to life or the key that opens all doors – whether you want more money, a better relationship or a new house.
There are many “get rich fast” schemes and some of them may work for you, some may not. There are many golden formulas for financial abundance, best romance or how to improve your health; some of the formulas may work for you and some may not. There are spiritual seekers all over the world performing all sorts of magical practices, fasting, praying or meditating in order to find more clarity, understanding and most of all true happiness and again some of it may work and some may not for you.

No matter which one of the above methods you practice, the results will not be as reliable as the practice of being grateful.
Gratitude is the secret ingredient to all you want. Be grateful and then… be thankful and then…appreciate yourself and then… praise everything you like and then…
Gratitude has the power to heal and change lives. Once you figure out your own way to align with gratitude, you will begin to experience the magic.

Say yes to life and believe that life is good. Send gratitude to life and your life will give you all the goodness in return. Recognize the good things in your life without taking credit for them, understand that all the good things come from outside.
The feeling of gratitude works like a magnet for those good things and directly links to our happiness.

Gratitude is found in feeling whereas happiness is found in being and doing, not in possessing.
Gratitude increases emotional well-being and joy. You attract more of like-minded people into your life. It strengthens your immune system and protects you from stress and anxiety.
People who practice gratitude on a daily basis are much healthier and less bothered about the chaos surrounding them. They do not rely on pharmaceuticals for living a healthy life and live more passionate lives.
See the goodness around you and you will get more of it through the power of gratitude.

This is the magic of gratitude.